On National Dissertation Day, April 26, 2021

22 Experts Shared their #1 Dissertation Challenge, How They Overcame It, and the Amazing Opportunities that Followed 

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Dr. Chaz Austin

Self Marketing for the Gig Economy

Dr. William Barry

Robot Ethicist

Dr. Sarabeth Berk

Hybrid Professional Identity Expert

Dr. David Braswell

Professional Codes of Conduct

Dr. Erich Carlton

Government Auctions

Dr. Darin Detwiler

Food Safety

Dr. Todd Dewett

Leadership Expert

Dr. Francisca Enih

Parental Coach

Dr. Seth Francois

Music & Film Production

Dr. Jennifer Gardella

Social Medi Expert

Dr. Justin Goldston

Supply-Chain Management

Dr. Arlene Greenfield

Teachers Unleashed

Dr. Heidi Ham

Spectrum Fusion
Autism Advocate

Dr. Sandra Ingram

Life Coach / Author

Dr. Pensacola Jefferson


Dr. Peter Lohrey

Accountant, Expert Witness

Dr. Mike Lubelfeld

Superintendent / Author

Dr. D. Anthony Miles

Entrepreneurship & Marketing Expert

Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin

Impostor Syndrome Expert

Dr. Marlo Rencher

Business Anthropologist

Dr. Teri Rouse

Child Behavioral  Expert

Dr. Kasandrea Sereno

College Preparation Expert

Dr. Teresa Spaeth

Bridging the Rural/Urban Divide

Dr. Hoby Wedler

Entrepreneur / Chemist / Visionary

Dr. Teresa Spaeth

Expert of Urban-Rural Divide

Dr. Angela Swain

Business Psychologist

Dr. Hoby Wedler

Entrepreneur / Chemist / Visionary

Dr. Andrea Wong

Child Performance Expert

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